Kinect Selfie (Interactive Installation)

As Digital Culture of Glasgow School of Art made a presence at the digital business event D14, we were set the task to develop this application which allows the participator to take a Kinect Selfie as a digital memento, which would then be sent to them by email. It was a great success, so we decided to provide some additional information about how it works here. Digital Culture, Glasgow School of Art, 2014

The Kintect Selfie.
The Microsoft Kinect uses IR to capture a depth image of its subject, a person, in our case, and its camera to get the colours. This data is then sent to the computer where the Processing app visualises it as a 3D point cloud of voxels (three-dimensional pixels). This point cloud is what the audience can see on the screen.
As for the interactive part, the app allows an audience member to "take a selfie" in this three-dimensional space. After entering an email address, a virtual camera rotates around the point cloud while recording an animated GIF, thus giving a sense of space and relative movement. The participator will then receive the animated GIF by email.
A work-in-progress GIF.
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