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Mobile: 07857269604
Email: simonsloan@hotmail.co.uk
What I Do – What I've Done

    I am a digital artist and creator, making works with a digital thread running through their core. This involves ideas, tools, and methods inspired by digital environments to create the final artwork. Though my projects are inherently digital, the outcomes could range from digital to analogue mediums, including apps, video, photography, print, sculpture and projections. Presenting my works in spaces online, in exhibitions or installations.

    I grew up on the Isle of Arran and have a strong interest and connection with the Scottish islands. I am inspired by the various artist and creators that have such a huge impact on the culture and community within the individual islands. I enjoy the outdoors, adventure and the challenges of exploration and plan to return to the islands to continue exploring and creating.
    I involve my artworks with my interest in the outdoors, hiking and sailing. I create works that develop the experience of outdoor exploration into a digital environment. I hope to continue this approach, forming a stronger bond between tradition and digital technologies.

    From my experiences outdoors I have gained skills in problem solving and resourcefulness. While at sea you can only use what little items you have, solving a simple problem can become challenging and serious very quickly. Keeping calm, motivated and aware are essential to progressing though difficulty. My time with the GSA mountaineering club has improved my skills and knowledge of group dynamics, testing the limits of what a team can achieve.  

What I'm Doing Now

    I'm currently finishing my final project in Interaction Design, Glasgow School of Art. The project is an exploration of the connections made between islands and the people within islands. While I am finishing this project I am also looking to prepare my future steps after studying. I am currently a member of GSA mountaineering and hope to join them on a number of hikes this year.    

How To Contact Me

    I'm interested to hear of any opportunities, projects or problems I could help with. I'm keen to learn new skills or develop existing ones to work on rewarding projects.

Mobile: 07857269604
Email: simonsloan@hotmail.co.uk
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